Covid 19 Guidelines

We will make sure that all the Health & Safety protocols are being followed from the moment you arrive until the day you return home.

Our measures aim to keep all of US (guests, staff, partners and communities) safe during this new period. Focusing on the hygiene and physical distance during transportation, accommodation, guiding and visiting any public place.

In other to do this we are following national and international rules concerning the safety during Covid – 19 (SERNATUR, ATTA, WHO, UNWTO) working closely with our partners to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience.

Our focus is to create a more sustainable way to travel.

Therefore, we would love to help you preparing the trip with recommendations when flying, at your arrival or regarding protocols you need to follow during the stay. All this in order to minimize risk and making you feel more comfortable while you travel.



• You must inform yourself before your trip about the CURRENT SITUATION of the virus (changes, new travel restrictions or special entry requirements.) 

• Use of MASK and SOCIAL DISTANCE are mandatory at the moment.


• Wear mask & gloves.

• Pay attention to airline’s procedures.

• Buy tickets that allow changes.

• We recommend getting a travel insurance.


• Be ready to fill up some statement.

• Be prepared to have your temperature checks in various point.

• In case you need ANY HELP contact us through Whatsapp (be sure to download it, before your trip).

• In your welcome package (sent to your email), we will inform you about our procedures on how to get help in case you fall ill, the nearest hospital to your hotel and of course all the necessary contacts to make you feel safe.


• As soon as you arrive our staff will explain all the procedures in case you fall ill, what to do at your hotel, who you must contact and where the closest hospital is located.

• We recommend carrying a medical record and medical insurance.


We are working only with Hotels, Cabins, Restaurants & local home that are following all the protocols (national & international) to mitigate the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Those that have:

• Strict cleaning procedures.

• Hand sanitizers available in common areas and wearing masks all the time.

• Trained their staff on the implementation of the new check-in procedures (to speed up the process and therefor keeping social distancing at lobby).

• Hotels, cabins, Restaurants & local houses with reduced capacity in other to keep social distancing.

• When taking off the mask to eat, keep it in a safe place, like purse. Do not leave it over the table and wear it again any time you leave the table.


• We make sure our guide and driver wear mask and carry some spare masks but bring your own.

• Every day the temperature of guests & staff will be measure at the beginning & end of every excursion.

• In case of any guest or staff with symptoms, all the affected persons will be informed and get immediate assistance.

• Before every activity the staff will remind procedures and restrictions to the guests. The guest won’t be able to participate of the excursion if He/She refuses:
– To follow protocols,
– Letting the guide measure the temperature,
– Wearing mask

• The guide will complete the form with all participants, including medical record, to be shown at any visited place.

• Guests must carry their personal protection, a cleaning kit and personal bottle of water.

• Remember each museum, National Park or public sites will have their own policies (which could change at any time), and those must be followed.

• Keep in mind that some attractions are no longer appropriate to visit, or example where is impossible to keep social distance.


• All our staff has been trained on the implementation of the new procedures.

• Partners working with us are following the same procedures and we are working very close on any update or change on the regulations.

• We make sure all our staff wear mask and carry some spare ones.

• Every day the temperature of guests & staff will be measure at the beginning and end of the excursion.

• Before any activity the staff will remind procedures and restrictions to the guests.

• In case of any guest or staff with symptoms, all the affected persons will be informed and get immediate assistance.

• Guides & drivers will always carry alcohol gel and a cleaning kit to disinfect surfaces. But carry your own cleaning kit and personal bottle of water.

• Guide must make sure the group is maintaining social distance but in case of any accident where intervention is needed he will not hesitate on providing help.


• In case of group trips (family or friends group), we use bigger vehicles in order to give more space to the guest (for social distance).

• Hand sanitizers will be available, and the vehicles will be sanitized between trips.

• Each guest will have a specific seat during the excursions and it won’t be possible to switch places during the day.

• Guest must wear masks at all time.

• Before getting into the vehicle the guide will measure the temperature of the guests and ask them to sanitize their hands and shoes.

• Eating inside the vehicle is forbidden.

• A plastic shield will separate the driver & guide’s seat with the seats of the guests.


• All payments of your activities will be paid in advance online, including last minute reservation.

• In case of small purchases, like souvenirs, we recommend paying with credit / debit card, and try to avoid cash.


• Read our protocol.

• Fill up with the correct information the medical questionnaires.

• Get informed before you travel.

• Use mask while travelling.

• In case you have any of the Covid’s symptoms contact us.

• Do not forget to get a health insurance prior departure.

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