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We are Let´s Go Experience, a receptive tour operator based in Northern Patagonia founded by Trip Leaders moved by their passion for travelling and generating real bonds between guests, local people and the ecosystem. We are an environment-friendly and sustainable alternative, aiming to make a positive impact in the community by working with local & family business and strengthening its cultural and natural heritage.

Why Travel With Us?

Our personal knowledge of local destinations allows us to design and plan exceptional and personalized travel experiences, giving the opportunity to know the Southern Cone of America in a more meaningful way. We believe that experiencing the local culture can touch not only the lives of our guests and the families we visit, but also create a lasting positive impact in the ecosystem.


Co- designing travel experiences

We specialize in co- designing experiences for independent travelers, small groups of friends or family travelling together, even if not all of them follow the same itinerary.


We are in permanent search of new destinations within the most iconic sites in the Tip of South America, where you will find remarkable stories, breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and unique traditions.

Our role in co-designing your trip is to provide you with a well-balanced itinerary that suits your needs and preferences, connecting you with the local culture and environment in a safe way.

Wherever your destination is, you will have the choice of driving by yourself or let your driver and guide take care of everything and you just relax.


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Go Beyond, Go Within Go Slowly.


Responsable tourism

Sustainable tourism embraces the concept that a place and its nature along with its the culture will be preserved for future generations. Is based in three tenets ecological, economic and socio cultural. In a nutshell, sustainable tourism is about:

*Nature should be affected or changed as little as possible by tourism.

*Local culture & communities are to be respected and not disturbed or negatively affected.

*The Region must benefit economically from tourism, Maintain fair working conditions and protect human & animal rights. www.unwto.org/es/desarrollo-sostenible

Nowadays we face a big challenge. Generate a better world where the economics, the welfare of the people and nature are in balance.

Let´s Go Experience actively participates in:

Working team

Meet the team

To ensure quality, trust and safety in traveling, we carefully select our guides, drivers, providers and associates.


They have not only the necessary knowledge but also passion, professionalism and the ability to listen to your needs.



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We will make sure that all national and international health & safety protocols for Covid-19 are being followed from the moment of your arrival until the day you return home.

Our measures aim to keep guests, staff and communities always safe while travelling.

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We personalize travel experiences in Chile and the Southern Cone of America,

where you will find a great variety of landscapes combined with a unique culture.