Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is focused on three fundamental aspects: the natural, economic and socio-cultural environment. In a nutshell, sustainable tourism suggests that:


*Nature should be affected or changed as little as possible by tourism.

*Local culture & communities are to be respected and not disturbed or negatively affected.

*The Region must benefit economically from tourism, maintain fair working conditions and protect human & animal rights. https://www.unwto.org/sustainable-development

Nowadays we are facing a great challenge: to build a better world where the economy, the welfare of the people and nature are in balance.

Let´s Go Experience actively participates in:

Go Beyond, Go Within & Go Slowly


Supporting Local Economy

→ We use local products & Guides.

→ We discourage bargaining; we practice fair trading..

→ We promote both, less visited destinations as well as iconic sites.

→ We offer optional activities operated by local family businesses.

→ We encourage stays in (the use of) family-owned accommodation.

Protecting Nature:

→ We adhere to the 7 principals of “Leave no Trace” .

→ We are constantly searching for new restorative environmental practices

→ We recommend practices to be cognizant of and mitigate the effects on climate change:

→ Prolong your stay in each place you visit.

→ When shopping, bring your own bag.

→ Switch off the lights, TV and air-conditioner when leaving your room.

→ Reuse your towels, hang them to dry.

→ Bring your own water bottle with reusable filter.

→ Eat in local places.

Contribution to social and cultural welfare

We actively participate in the following local networks: PTI Creative Destination Lake LLanquihue Basin, PTI Route of Parks of Patagonia, Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route.


Take your trip as a learning opportunity. Keep your eyes and mind open to all the experiences that destiny might offer you. Feed your curiosity, dare to go beyond your comfort zone and start your journey of discovery in a respectful way towards the local rhythm and customs. Go Beyond, Go Within & Go Slowly

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