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Who We Are

We are Let´s Go Experience, a receptive tour operator based in Northern Patagonia founded by Trip Leaders moved by their passion for travelling and generating real bonds between guests, local people and the ecosystem. We are an environment-friendly and sustainable alternative, aiming to make a positive impact in the community by working with local & family business and strengthening its cultural and natural heritage.

Go Beyond, Go Within & Go Slowly

That is our philosophy.

Why Travel With Us?

Our personal knowledge of local destinations allows us to design and plan exceptional and personalized travel experiences, giving the opportunity to know the Southern Cone of America in a more meaningful way. We believe that experiencing the local culture can touch not only the lives of our guests and the families we visit, but also create a lasting positive impact in the ecosystem.


Our goal is to ensure that our expert planning turns into the best travel experience.


Quality, trust and safety are the essentials for designing your itinerary.

Our Vision

Our dream is to be an agent of change, a benchmark, by planning and implementing transformative and memorable experiences, by bringing together and empowering alternative poorly developed touristic destinations, working in building connections with the local ecosystem, teaching and generating conscious culture. We want to be part of and foster, along with our travelers, an Economy for the Common Good. Our dream is based on sustainability, social and environmental responsibility thus contributing to build a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to organize and implement meaningful travel experiences, those that nurture the spirit, by fostering connection, contemplation, discovery and learning as a result of co-designing (the co-design of) your experience. We are deeply committed to respect and preserve natural, cultural and human heritage aligning our goals towards a common good.

Value proposal.

Every destination we offer has been explored, experienced, and enjoyed by the Let´s Go Experience team. We invite you to co-design your trip, from the beginning to the end, tuning into the visited environment in a relaxed flexible and always safe way.


We enforce our commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental protection by traveling consciously and responsibly. We offer not only the “highlights” but also alternative destinations, enriching your experience and promoting growth an economic development to the local ecosystem.

We enhance our commitment to sustainability and the environment by traveling consciously and responsibly. 

Offering our adventurers not only visit the “highlights” but rather alternative destinations, generating a common good where all participants receive and contribute to this ecosystem.

Team Let`s Go Experience!

Meet the team

To ensure quality, trust and safety in traveling, we carefully select our guides, drivers, providers and associates.


They have not only the necessary knowledge but also passion, professionalism and the ability to listen to your needs.



Joaquín Gonzalo Cueto

Co-founder and Director

“Joaco” was born and raised in the Northern Gate of Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by an impressive nature that led his path. Graduated from the School of Business & Administration in Tourism, he had his first experience in tourism on board of transatlantic cruises throughout the world where he learned thoroughness and excellence. Back in Chile, he initially worked as a tour guide and later in different tour operators. He went back to the road as expedition leader in the Southern Cone of America. His rich and vast experience of the territory motivated him to found Let’s Go Experience in 2012. From here, Joaco endeavors to share his knowledge and experience creating, along with the team, memorable experiences in this unique destination located at the end of the world.

Marcel González

Co-founder and Travel consultant

Marcel was a traveler way before even considering a career in tourism. He began working as a bilingual Tour Leader and guide in Patagonia in 1999, gradually expanding his horizons from the Lake District to the rest of South America. In 2012, he founded Let´s Go Experience with his colleague and friend Joaquin. His father served in the Chilean Air Force for 33 years, leading his family to move many times from one base to another in the country and abroad. This fact, along with his love for reading and watching programs about traveling, forged his passion to explore new worlds. Among the authors that influenced his journey are: Paul Bowles, Francisco Coloane, Henry Miller and Michael Palin. His dedication to ensure an unforgettable experience, for visitors and himself, is the engine of his entire life guiding, exploring and absorbing what the world has to offer. Having two degrees, two certifications and 20 years of experience visiting more than 20 countries, this entrepreneur wants to continue discovering new destinations and sharing his experience with travelers like you.



Alejandra Freund

Travel designer & Guide Leader

Ale caught the “travel bug” when she was thirteen, thanks to her father who took her to travel throughout Chile. Since then, she developed an ongoing enthusiasm and interest for travelling and exploring life outside her comfort zone. As soon as she turned eighteen, she continued to explore Chile and then Peru, Argentina, USA and Europe. From all these trips, she learned how important and enriching was to experience direct contact with the locals. While finishing her thesis to graduate from Veterinarian School, she got a job offer that changed her path: the opportunity to work as a tour guide in the Northern Gate of Patagonia in the summer of 2006. Serving as an interpreter and guiding others to immerse themselves into the life, culture and nature of a place, taught her that traveling was a transformative experience for all, not only the travelers. She is eager to work with you in co-designing your own experience.

Marcela Galarce

Travel Designer

Marce is a dynamic person in constant movement, and this is how she has lived her life. Since childhood she wanted to know and experience the world and its diverse cultures. Thanks to a student exchange program she lived in Austria, charming the family that welcomed her and with whom she maintains bonds until today. This experience triggered her will to pursue a career in Tourism. Her first work experience took place in Valle Nevado, a prestigious ski center in Chile. Then, she worked with Pared Sur Expediciones, a tour adventure company, where Marce experienced nature through skiing, trekking, kayaking and cycling. Everywhere she worked, Marce stood up for her professionalism and good customer service with people from all over the world. Her restless spirit led her to work with Norwegian Cruise Line as a receptionist. Motherhood took her back to her hometown, Colchagua, one of the most famous wine valleys in Chile, without affecting her passion for tourism. Nowadays she lives in Puerto Varas and she is looking forward to sharing her expertise and professionalism with you.



Marisa Zeidan


Mari is a worldwide traveler, lover of new cultures and new destinations. She found her passion for tourism after traveling in Europe for two years. She studied Tourism in Buenos Aires and went to the UK to improve her language skills. Since then, she has had the privilege of working as Tour Leader and local guide in South America, for more than 10 years, while living her dream! She loves nature, the feeling of that unique energy generated from a walk in the forest and the interaction with the local culture. Mari is always looking forward to finding new elements to enhance the quality of the travel experience of our guests.

Hylba de Paiva

Travel designer & local guide

Native of Brazil, Hylba is in love with nature, picturesque places, outdoor sports, wines and the cultural heritage of each place. Resident in Chile since 2003, she chose to live in the Aconcagua Valley, Valparaíso Region, a place for adventure, entertainment, wine and culture.

From a young age she has practiced trekking, mountain bike and wine tourism. Bilingual in Spanish and Portuguese, she graduated in Physical Education and Tourism in Brazil. Committed to her ideal of improving the world we live in, Hylba passionately believes that tourism is one of the main tools we have to transform the world into a great place to exchange of ideas, information, culture, experiences and feelings in a sustainable way, promoting local economic development and preserving the natural resources of each place.

She is proud to be part of Let’s Go Experience bringing her energy, experience and professionalism as a Tourist Guide and invites everyone, in particular her fellow Brazilians, to visit and experience Chile with her.


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